E-mail Campaign

E-Shot support is a new marketing tool we are offering our customers, which can be a very cost effective way of getting your promotions to clients. Not only that, they can have an instant impact on sales and lead generation.
E-Shots need to be designed in a way so they are not perceived as spam, This is done by our eshot experts following strict guidelines in the design of the eshot.

An Eshot must

Have at least a 70% text area. Giving a 70 - 30 % text to image ratio. Be no more than 600 pixels wide.
Have all HTML text on a white background.
Not have excessive use of Punctuation!!!!! or BLOCK CAPITALS in the body or the subject line.


Not use certain "Spam" associated words or Phrases:

Free of charge
Free trial
Free quote
Words associated with explicit content
This is not spam
Extra Income
As seen on TV

These are just a few phrases we have found. There are many more, but as you can see they are all along the same lines. Our Email experts have a checklist that we run all our eshots through to check for spam filtered words, as more and more are added each day.

We highly recommend you use New Vision to design your eshot, as we will also design a landing page to sit along side this. This landing page will contain more information on the offers you are promoting, and a form for the customer to fill in to generate leads, which will be delivered to you. If you allow us to create the page for you we can add complex code which will auto fill the fields for the customer and make it easier for them to contact you.