Our 'Green' Printing Policy

RCS and environment - Reducing our Carbon Footprint

The majority of the paper we use is FSC® certified. This includes all the paper we use for Leaflets and Letterheads and the card we use for Business cards. The only products we produce which can not carry the FSC logo are Beer mats (the pulp board core is not FSC grade) and Playing Cards (because the metalisised material used is not FSC®).

Provided that the work you order from us is a finished product our FSC® certification Logo can be added. We cannot add it to work which is not complete (such as a Full Colour Book Cover which you are going to print the inners for). This is because the FSC status of the product as a whole is not within our control.

Unfortunately the terms of our Certification do not allow us to release the FSC® logo artwork. Instead you should allow space in your design for us to add it. We make no additional charge for adding the logo. The rules governing the use of the logos are very strict and there are stipulated minimum sizes for the apertures where the logos are to be placed. These apertures include minimum white areas around the logos.

Logo's can be Portrait or Landscape.
If you want to leave a Portrait aperture then it must be a minimum size of 26mm wide x 32mm high.
If you want to leave a Landscape aperture then it must be a minimum size of 19mm x 45mm wide.

The FSC logo can be white lettering on a black background or Black Lettering on a White background.

Alternatively it can be printed in ‘Green’ this being Pantone 378 (or the CMYK equivalent 34% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 100% Yellow and 60% Black) again either as the colour on a white background or white on a coloured background.

Please state where you would like the logo to be placed on your artwork and tell us if you would like the logo Portrait or Landscape, Black or Green, Positive or Negative at the time of order.

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