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Printed Debossed Business Cards

Debossing is where an impression is stamped into a card using a metal dye. The printed debossed card is the ultimate in craftsmanship to ensure the deboss dye matches the printed material. Debossing does not show on the reverse and works best on a pulp card or textured cotton material.

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Embossed Business Cards

Embossed cards are where a metal dye is made which is then used to stamp an impression onto the card which shows though to the reverse side.

Embossing can either be 'blind emboss' where an area of the card is raised but has no printing or embossing with a specific pantone colour or hot foil.

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Foiled Business Cards

Foiled business cards are where a film of a specific metalic colour is applied to the business card. Sometimes refered to as foil stamping or hot foil. We have a range of foil colours which can be used.

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Die Cut Business Cards

Die cut cards are any cards with a special shape or rounded corners. For very complex shapes we also have the option of laser cutting which is available on the 450gsm matt cards.

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Foil Edge Business Cards

For the ultimate in luxury print finishing techniques we can apply a metal foil to the edges of your card.

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Coloured Edge Business Cards

This is also refered to as guilt edge or edge painting. This process is done by hand where the edges are painted with any colour of your choice.

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Raised Ink Business Cards

Our HD raised ink allows full colour printing with high definition raised ink to one side of the card. We print these cards on a coated 500gsm white matt artboard.

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Blind Deboss Business Cards

Debossing is where an impression is stamped into a
card using a metal dye.'Blind Debossing' is where the card is stamped with specially made metal dye and none of this area is printed on. This subtle effect gives a hugh opportunity to show-off creative designs and elegant typefaces.

Debossing does not show on the reverse and works
best on a pulp card or textured cotton material.

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Thermographed Business Cards

Thermo cards are where a special powder is applied to the wet ink. We only offer this process with black ink on any of our coated card stocks.

We are proud to launch an exclusive range of exquisite cards that are
sure to leave an unforgettable impression on anyone who receives them.

hd raised ink printing london
Finishing Option - Price list (£) 250 500 1000
Print per colour 48 60 89
Double sided print per colour 56 90 130
Deboss on each color or blind deboss 85 112 145
Each Foil 75 98 135
Embossing per colour 58 66 86
Thermography / Raised ink (price per colour) 46 52 72
Rounded Corners 52 56 80
Die Cutting / Drilling 74 82 92
Colour Card Edges (pantone or fluorescent colors) 140 160 220
Foil Edge (silver, gold or copper) 220 248 342
Duplex or Triplex 120 140 195

Card Stocks

Click image to magnify and for more information

  • Cotton Cards

  • Kraft

  • Pure Matt Black

  • True Velvet

  • Colour Pulp Cards

  • 540gsm Grey Card

  • Colour Collection

  • 500gsm Matt

hd raised ink printing london

Card Type Prices 250 500 1000
300gsm Kraft card 104 163 298
700gsm Kraft block/card 130 188 340
400gsm cotton card (white, off white) 111 147 240
400gsm pulp card (white, brown, grey, red, yellow & green) 109 143 235
500gsm smooth matt white card 90 110 160
540gsm grey card 140 210 332
600gsm pure matt black card 123 186 240
620gsm cotton card (white, off white) & 500gsm off white cotton 140 210 332
670gsm colour collection 109 143 235
720gsm velvet card (white, black) 160 238 396
900gsm pure matt black card 142 212 252

Please note: The standard print turnaround on most of our exquisite cards is approximately 3 weeks after proofs
have been approved. Prices are +VAT unless we are exporting the cards outside the UK.

For urgent cards please call or email to discuss your requirements.

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Inspiration Gallery

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Your questions answered.

Q. Where do you deliver to?
A. The following delivery prices apply to all the pure black cards, kraft business cards, cotton and pulp cards: UK Mainland delivery is £15, Europe is £25 , United Sates & Middle East £40.
Q. What are the artwork requirements?
A. Our 'Exquisite' cards are printed using Letterpress. This traditional method produces absolutely stunning results but is different from the pin point accurate lithographic process and customers should be aware of its limitations. If in doubt we would be pleased to advice on the suitability of a particular design. Alternatively we would be pleased to design your cards for a fixed fee of £40+VAT

Should be supplied as vector based pdf artwork only with all fonts converted to outlines/curves

Use solid not process colours only. Letterpress does not work on the pantone colour range but we will use the closest match.

Font size should not be smaller than 6 pt. One should not use very thin fonts or fonts which have a tight letter spacing. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Line widths and fine graphic elements
Please keep line sizes at . 5 pt or above and avoid very fine graphics

Reverse Type
Type and other elements can be reversed out of a solid colour area but please keep in mind that the smaller the image or font size the more likely that parts may "fill in" and merge into the background colour

Choosing the right ink colour and card
Letterpress inks for the most part are translucent in nature, meaning they don't completely cover the surface they are printed on. We therefore always advise to use darker colour inks on lighter colour business cards.
Q. Can we order sample cards?
A. Yes. Please send us an email with your address, contact telephone number and details of the card you are interested in.
Q. How much for full colour print on the exquisite range?
A. Our'exquiste' cards are printed using letterpress which can only facilitate single colour printing. If you require full colour cards or your artwork is very intricate we recommend ordering our HD digitally embossed cards
Q. What are pulp cards?
A. Pulp cards are on average 2-3 times thicker than regualr cards so the edges will be more visable even though their weight is the same