The Portfolio Printers

Imagine looking beyond to see the light blue sky over the golden sandy beaches and emerald blue sea, then you touch the poster in-front of you realising that you have not been transported to Hawaii but have been looking at a portfolio of award winning photographs printed on Europe's first B2 Digital 'Screen True Press'.

Our unique press brings inkjet photographic quality and lithographic print accuracy to the digital press arena.

Printing your portfolio on the 'JETSX' digital press really is the right choice. Our 'pre-flight' check will check the colour space, bleed, image quality and offer advice on any changes required before we print.

Our simple and economical digital pricing means that we charge the same whether you require every print the same or every print different. Ideal for portfolios where only single prints are required of a multi page pdf.

portfolio example

So if you require three lots of 50 single sided A2 Posters just order 150 A2 and send us a 3 page pdf file.
Alternatively if you require 150 different posters simply send us a 150 page pdf file.

Portfolio price calculator

FINISHING OPTIONS: These include making small runs of Wire Stitched (Stapled) and Perfect Bound Books, padding, perforating, laminating, creasing, hole punching and digital embossing on all stocks above 200gm silk.

Please Note: We are not currently offering pantone colour matching to our jobs which are available on our Lithographic print runs.

10% Discount: For all portfolios printed on our economy print turnaround -- usually 7 working days.

20% Discount: For all student portfolios printed on our super economy print turnaround.

Portfolio digital inkjet press